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23 year-old female from Boston/CT
Jazz flutist/ artist/ humanitarian

I do not accept Random Friend Requests unless I've gotten to know you for awhile. If I do not know you I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE REQUEST.

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My tumblr: noire-skyline.tumblr.com
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Hey guys if you couldIf you're all not aware there's a terrorist situation going on in Iraq right now, ISIS has set their feet back into Iraq again and are causing trouble. They've called my boyfriend's ship to come help with airstrikes but they're not sending ground troops.

If you guys could pray for him and his fellow shipmates, it would be very appreciated. He says he doesn't wanna stay there any longer than they have to.
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Name Brittany
Occupation Berklee Musician (flute), Navy MILSO, occasional voice actor
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