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23 year-old female from Boston/CT
Jazz flutist/ artist/ humanitarian

I do not accept Random Friend Requests unless I've gotten to know you for awhile. If I do not know you I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE REQUEST.

AWHU Achievement: Got my 15 seconds of fame on AWHU #156 (I screwed up. I'M SORRY JACK.)

My tumblr: noire-skyline.tumblr.com
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I'm alive!I keep forgetting about RT (I'm always on tumblr anyway.)

But I guess just a low down of what's been going on:
-2nd to last year of college (YAY)
-Went to Rhode Island Comic Con a few weeks back
-Have been making better friends
-Met @DaCuban in person now realizing we're next door neighbors
- BRONSON CAME HOME FROM DEPLOYMENT(still haven't heard from him yet)
- Yesterday (Nov. 19th) was our 4 year anniversary (holy shit how have I kept a relationship for so long I'm doing something right)
-PAX East tickets have been claimed
-Also started to play Mass Effect and am now on ME2 (...much harder...geez...)

But yeah that's my life so far.
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Name Brittany
Occupation Berklee Musician (flute), Navy MILSO, occasional voice actor
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