Live Stream Podcasts
Every Monday at 7:30 PM Central, the Rooster Teeth Podcast is Live Streamed for Sponsors!

What does that mean?
If you are a Sponsor on our website, you will be able to watch a live video broadcast of the Rooster Teeth Podcast. Not only that, you'll also get to chat and interact with other Sponsors and the Rooster Teeth crew during the broadcast.

What else do I get as a Sponsor?
For $10 every 6 months (or $20 a year), you'll get access to bonus content, exclusive site features, early video releases, sponsor chat, live streams, and much more. We are always adding cool new features for our Sponsors, so be on the look out!
Want to show your support for Rooster Teeth and become a Sponsor? Click here for details!

What if I miss the stream?
Don't worry- each live stream will be archived, and sponsors will be able to view this archive after the stream is aired.

What if I'm NOT a sponsor?
If you are not a Sponsor, nothing changes- you will still get the audio podcast every Tuesday!.

When will the Live Streams take place?
The Podcasts will air every Monday at 7:30 Central time (8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific, -6 GMT)

Where can I watch them?
The link for the Live Stream podcast can be found here! Hope to see you there!