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27 year-old male from Georgetown, Ontario
I know what you wanna ask, and the answer is No, Yes, If the Occasion is correct, and depends on how much your willing to pay.

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Infurnoq Pickle
Phone RantSo let me start of by summarizing that this whole post is a rant about Windows Phones, and my thoughts on everything to do with Windows phones. So feel free to stop reading here if your not interested.

So early 2012 comes around and the market is a-buzz with this new version of Windows Phone coming out onto the market. It was going to be huge. A massive improvement from the previous generation of Windows Phones, and coming out along side their kick ass new operating system Windows 8(a totally other conversation).

So I'm sitting here rocking the Samsung Galaxy. The very first android galaxy phone. It was great, I didn't really have any negative to say about it as a whole, but it was g...
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