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I know what you wanna ask, and the answer is No, Yes, If the Occasion is correct, and depends on how much your willing to pay.

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Destiny Thought *Spoilers*So I've been playing a lot of destiny lately and I was talking with one of my Co-workers and we thought of something that be pretty cool for them to do in the Comet DLC.

So the rumor is that the Comet DLC will be Oryx and most of the missions be aboard a Hive Ship.

What would be cool is if they layed out the DLC the following way:

1. Raid - A level 33 raid to make up for no raid in HoW
Introducing Space Combat with the ships. First part of the raid is that you and your team mates must fight swarms of hive ships and make it aboard a Hive Cruiser(or some other ship designation). From there you work your way through the ship to the bridge, where the raid boss is a group of Hive Commandos and the Captain of the ship.

2. With the raid complete, it unlocks the DLC missions. These are missions around the ship to fully take control of the ship eg:
a. Take over the engine room
b. Go destroy commando group B
c. Restore power to weapons
d. etc

3. Raid - a Level 36 raid
You take the ship you've capture, meet up with Oryx, fight your way onto his ship and take him out.

Personally I think that would make for a pretty cool idea. If your thinking to yourself that this sounds a little familiar congratulations, you have read my personal favorite book Halo: The Fall Of Reach. This is fairly similar to the mission that MC and the rest of the Spartans were prepping for before the Covenant attacked Reach, and the events of Halo 1 took place.

Just thought I'd share my idea.
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