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28 year-old male from Georgetown, Ontario
I know what you wanna ask, and the answer is No, Yes, If the Occasion is correct, and depends on how much your willing to pay.

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Infurnoq Pickle
Phone RantSo let me start of by summarizing that this whole post is a rant about Windows Phones, and my thoughts on everything to do with Windows phones. So feel free to stop reading here if your not interested.

So early 2012 comes around and the market is a-buzz with this new version of Windows Phone coming out onto the market. It was going to be huge. A massive improvement from the previous generation of Windows Phones, and coming out along side their kick ass new operating system Windows 8(a totally other conversation).

So I'm sitting here rocking the Samsung Galaxy. The very first android galaxy phone. It was great, I didn't really have any negative to say about it as a whole, but it was getting old, so it was time to upgrade, and me being a windows guy, loved the idea of getting this brand new windows phone. Hell Samsung was even coming out with their very own Windows Phone. It's specs were awesome. So I per-ordered the phone(cause that was something you could now suddenly start doing). Eventually the phone comes in(December 2012 now), I get it, I start playing with it...I LOVE IT!!!
The only real downside...not many companies have made apps for it, but that's okay, They are making their iOS apps, their android apps, hell they are even making blackberry apps(cause that's still a thing), no big problem, its pretty understandable it might take some time for companies just on board and get their apps developed.

Lets jump forward. It's now August 2013, I just finished a week long trip in the US and I'm back in Canada. My phone has been bugging me for days that there was an update, so being back in Canada, I decide to update my phone. Update goes fine and there doesn't seem to be any issues.

Suddenly my phone which works wonderfully in my car through Bluetooth to play music, starts periodically stopping. The Bluetooth on the phone has crashed, the only way to fix it? restart the phone. So I reach over, turn the phone off, turn it back on. Everything is working fine again...2-15 minutes later...it crashes again.
For 6 months, I lost the ability of using my phone through Bluetooth in my car to play music...Well that's shitty, good thing I waited to do the update...6 months later they come out with an update...fixed my Bluetooth issue. Everything is perfect now right? Nope...

I've had my phone now for a little over a year...and still, no one whose apps I want to use, are making Windows Phone apps..What the F*ck!
It's not windows fault, they can't control who makes and doesn't make apps for their phone I think to myself, oh well lets just wait and see.

Lets jump forward again to today. Almost a full 2 years after I got my phone.
Bottom line, I like my phone, I really do.

What I don't like about it? Is that no one is F*cking making apps for it. It has on average at least a 10% market share of smart phone in the country. Do banks make apps for it? Is there even a bloody official Snap Chat app? Nope.
I'm sick and f*cking tired of going everywhere and everyone trying to shove their mobile apps down my throat, when they don't make an app for my phone. Every time I go to my banking site..."Have you tried our mobile app? Download the iOS version here, or the Android version there"
And now even RT...Team Chaos makes a game, think its available for Windows Phone? you guessed it...iOS and soon to be Android.

I'm getting really fracking sick of it all. I want to blame someone I really do...but who? Do I blame myself for buying this stupid thing? Do I blame Microsoft for coming out with a shitty product without testing the market for it first? Do I blame to companies who aren't developing mobile apps for it?
I really do understand though, which is why it makes it so hard and frustrating. Why spend time and money developing something for a phone that has a 10% market share, when you can make two apps and cover 80% of the market share. I expected this phone to take off and bee all great, and it turned out to be a flop. I'm stuck paying for it for the next year or 2 because I mean who doesn't have $700 to blow on a new phone.

Want to know the real kicker? Apps and that aside, want to know the thing about this god damn phone that is pissing me off the most?
No one really supports it any more. It's 2 years old, and no one supports it.

If you've made it this far, congratulations, I've probably wasted a few minutes of your life, and you'll never know how much that brings me the slightest joy . Score one for the Brian. I mean who wouldn't love that you took up 2-3 minutes of a person's life, and for that 2-3 minutes you had them entirely dedicated to you in some way. With an average life span of 80 years, there are 42,048,000 minutes in a person's life...and for 2 of them, you were entirely dedicated to this post. So I thank you for taking the time to read it all.

Anyways Rants over..I'll come up with something more interesting to talk about soon..I really should post more journals where I'm not complaining about stuff...right? Right? RIGHT!?!?!

Cheers All.
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