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36 year-old female from Hays, KS
First off. I do NOT accept RFR. If I don't know you, or talk to you.. its DENIED. No exceptions!!!

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I find it funny...1. I paid twice for sponsorship I didn't use.
2. Steve Colbert spoke to congress
3. How friendships grow or cease for no apparent reason.
4. What a text whore I am
5. How things I thought I couldn't live without 2 years ago don't matter now.
6. I thought I knew what love was..

I won't bore you with anymore, as my little man wants to play.
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Name Lori
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Music trocadero.. ok enough sucking up lol. Bowling for Soup Cold Adam Sandler SugarCult.. blah blah blah. I am a music mutt
Movies ALL Adam Sandler movies Horror movies *(Freddy especially)
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