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23 year-old male from co.Wicklow Ireland.
I'm your average guy, I love watching most sports, chances are if you want to talk about it I can to. I'm hoping to go to med school next year. I like tv, most music, cars and drinking ( obviously being Irish ). I'm a massive Arsenal fan, my favorite band is linkin park my favorite author is terry pratchett, my favorite book is the rookie by Scott sigler. Can't think of anything else really. If you want to send me a friend request do, but at least have talked to me on the forums.
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Long time no updateWell it's been about 5 moths since I last used the social aspect of this site apparently. Wow been a while but hopefully be on it regularly again. So what have I been up to I hear none of you ask? Well I've been seeing my girlfriend for a little over six months now and it's going great madly in live and all that. I've been in first year of college and as you can expect I've drank a lot partied and generally had a good time. Passing though so not bad. Obviously been keeping up with my first love arsenal, still hopeing for a trophy. Besides that a new car to replace the ruined one, a new laptop and tv have seriously drained my funds but no fear I've some employment lined up fixing computers. The podcast I tried to make is still under construction, mostly due to many failed attempts. Eh after that I guess news consists of still gameing and playing football and stuff. Well enough about me let me know what I've missed any news from everyone here?
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Name Jamie
Occupation Chanpagneo- it's like a wino but classier
Birthday October 2nd, 1991
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