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29 year-old male from from the MASSIVE, THE IRKEN ARMADA
i'm actually 14

please, visit the following links.
I know there are a lot of Invader Zim fans here on roostrerteeth, that means YOU Superdonut! and i obsesse alot And love the show Invader Zim, i found a website that continues ZIm. the pilot was just realesed. here's the website

And just when your puny earth brains couldn't handle anymore zim goodies there's more! ( got that from the back of the special edition dvd zim cover) newgrounds has a whole section dedicated to invader zim!
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Chapter 4

It was a peaceful quiet night in Fangorn until a ent heard another ent fall the ent followed the sounds of another ent screaming. It looked around puzzled, then About 40 orcs jumped out of the bushes with fire arows and shot him the ent and the ent was on fire! Then a whole herd of ents heard the noise and attacked the isengard orcs! all the melee orcs replaced there swords and machetes with axes and fought the ents. then a whole line of fire arrows firing at the ents! victory was near for the ents! All the orcs ranaway! only for a couple minutes to only be joined with more Uruk Hai led by Krashnak! The ents were outnumbered! the Uruk Hai and orcs destroyed all the ent moots exept for one. they killed all the ents in the area. there were very few ents left in fangorn. one of them is, yes, Treebeard. Then all the uruk hai and orcs went back toisengard to prepare for th comig war between sauron and man.

to be continued in chapter 5.
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