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25 year-old male from Palatine, IL
Majored in Biology and Natural Science, I was kind of forced into that major but I've snuck in a few Graphic Design classes along the way. I enjoy designing in illustrator and photoshop and have messed around with premiere pro and after effects. You can check out some RT related designs in my images and if you want to see some video projects you can look up my youtube channel which is squarehareflicks. I've also messed around with dreamweaver a bit. I love baseball and played all four years in college and it will always be a part of my life.
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It Gets Better...I was pretty excited to find out that Gus would be wearing a shirt I sent into the office on the commentary of the Best of RTAA DVD. I thought it would be a short segment at the end of the DVD. Not only do I find out that the commentary is thoughout the entire DVD but Gus is wearing the shirt on the back of the DVD box!

Very very pumped about this!
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Name Brennan
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