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months!So apparently months have passed!!
So a lot has happened and has been happening for the past little bit.. Ryan and I have been trying to get out of our apartment and into a house. We've completed the pre-approval process and officially Monday got qualified for a home loan and completed our course today for the down payment assistance program. We found a house Thursday night that we absolutely loved and we put in our first offer or a home!!! We wrote a letter of consideration to the buyers of why we would be the best fit for the house and included our little family.. We will find out tomorrow night if they accept our offer.. Which I hope they do.

Also on Thursday, my car was totalled..

Everyone is okay and the insurance has been handled. I got the call yesterday that my car is irreparable, so Monday I'll find out what my reimbursement will be and when I will be getting it.

I'm really hoping for some good news, because it's been a rough couple of days...
I guess that's it for the updates...

oh snap!!! my sponsorship is gone!! crap
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