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26 year-old male from Greenville, OH
I accept all random friend request.

Comment on my pictures sometime and I like to talk if anyone is interested.


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Xbox LiveAnyone good at GoW that has Xbox Live want to join a Clan or something.
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The Goods
Name Jeff
Occupation APS Materials inc.
Birthday September 24th, 1988
Interests I like trucks Horses some reading partys and other great things.
Music I like all music from classic rap country rock everything
Movies Dazed and Confused i like all movies except stupid ones
TV Shows Full Metal Blue Gender FLCL Angel Buffy the Vampire Slare and all the other vampire movies Witch Hunter Robin And all the other great animes. I also like Law and Order SVU Charmed and CSI
Books Harry potter books 3-6 for right now until the 7th harry potter book comes out and my other books are Eragon and Eldest from the inheritance trilogy