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33 year-old male from Now live from Chicago
I'm a Leo, I enjoy short walks on the beach, sharp shinny things, and fire. I've been called a vampire and someday wish to live up to that. In the real world I'm a post production artist. I've worked on a few independent films. And to keep work coming in, a mind numbing website now and then. As well as maintaining my old job as a Small Business IT.

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FRAK! I've been tagged!
"Three people of my choosing will get three mods each. All you have to do is, if you get the mods, post a journal like this and give three mods each to three people. Yes, I know you will lose some mods. It's a sacrifice. This is a small insignificant way of making the world of our Rooster Teeth community a better place.

I said "of my choosing" because I'm not going to give just anybody the mods. Just three of the few people I know and trust to keep this going."

jasontim - Founded the "Name the Movie Game" that we run here
Cheshire_Cat - One of my first friends here on the forum. She is a cool cat!
RevolutionX - Thanks for keeping the NTMG going.
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Name John
Occupation TechSupport&SBIT&3DArtist
Birthday August 11th, 1981
Interests Art Games Cars Women Music .... Any combination of the 5
Music Disturbed White/Rob Zombie Rage Against the Machine Orbital Chemical Brothers Old 80's music and alot more.
Movies I have over 200 dvd's..... where the hell do I start?
TV Shows Stargate That 70's Show Family Guy Futurama Ducktales Tailspin Tom & Jerry ....
Books You trying to put me out of a job? Put the book down and get your ass to the local movie theater!