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28 year-old female from Arlington, WA
I'm always happy to make an idiot of myself as long as it brings a smile to someone's face. So I have no problem looking like a complete doofus or acting like a dork. If you find something weird here, it's probably because I'm cheering someone up.

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Jabberwocky butts
Manastash Ridge ObservatoryI'm taking Astronomy this quarter and I'm in love. I may need to switch majors.

Last night, we took a field trip to the MRO and played with telescopes and software and stuffs. And it was ridiculous fun. (We also played board games and listened to records when the sky wasn't clear enough to do any observing.)


So... this is the Dumbbell Nebula.

When you use a telescope to take pictures, you get a black and white image. You have to apply different colored filters and take multiple pictures. And then you layer the pictures and make a composite image, like the one above. (Which is pretty much how every camera works ever. But you have to physically/manually do it with telescopes, each one separately. Or use programming/coding or specific software to do it for you.)
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