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Unless you have something particularly interesting to say, need help, or are looking for the arts, don't bother me.

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BRB, going to NASATonight I'm leaving my cozy home and bunnies, and heading down to the Kennedy Space Center with a press pass to sit ringside at the SpaceX Dragon launch on friday.

During this process, I'll also get a chance to tour the KSC, talk with some NASA engineers, and ask questions, as well as participate in a few press conferences.

So if you could pose any question to NASA about SpaceX, what would it be?

Also, if you want to follow my journey there, follow me on twitter - @jackietherobot and/or the org. i'll be there representing - @nerdsinbabeland. There will also be a full write-up on the experience on nerdsinbabeland.com this weekend after the launch.
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