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30 year-old female from Savannah, GA

If you need help anywhere on the site, I'm here for you. Feel free to send a message or leave a comment. If you'd like to say hey, I'm usually into that, too (unless you're actin' a'fool).

But don't go sending friend requests if we've never had a conversation before.

You can click on this, though.

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5 Fun FactsI saw @Laurin do this, and I'm a big ol' copycat.

1). My first ever crush was on Edward Scissorhands. Not Johnny Depp... specifically Edward Scissorhands.

2). Sometimes I laugh so hard, I cry. Okay, I actually do this a lot.

3). My husband doesn't call me by my name, he calls me 'Robot' (affectionately).

4). I very often photoshop human arms onto birds. It tends to annoy @bey.

5). I have an entire folder in my bookmarks dedicated to gifs to use in various internet situations. There are dozens in there. Probably around 100 by now. They're meticulously labeled.

Care to join me with the fact sharing?

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