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21 year-old male from Mooresville, NC
Man it has been a long time since I've been on here... wheres everybody at?

Ignore most of my interests and stuff, considering I wrote it all when I was 12 and less wise.
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Haven't been on here in so long...How the hell are you guys? Anyone wanna catch up?
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Name Drew Cooper
Occupation writer for Game Reviews Unlimited, full-time student (Appalachian State University)
Birthday September 15th, 1993
Interests my gf i love her with all my heart!!! <3!
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Music slipknot trivium pretty much all roadrunner records bands eve 6 sum 41 rise against seether red hot chilli peppers blood hound gang head bangers ball cd's yellowcard puddle of mudd atreyu
Movies hellboy i-robot alien vs. predator matrix 1 pirates of the carribean 1 and 2 spiderman 1 and 2 batman begins terminater 1 2 and 3 chronicals of riddick pitch black interview with a vampire o brother were are thou the league of extrodinary gentlemen signs constintine the punisher the patriot blade 1 2 and 3 gladiator napoleon dynamite cast away war of the worlds (the new one) final fantasy the spirits within final fantasy advent children a series of unfortunate events monkeybone van helsing hot shots 1 and 2 fifth element chicken little king kong office space hitchhikers guide to the galaxy narnia shrek 1 and 2 ice age aeon flux harald and kuymar go to white castle the incredibles monsters inc. finding nemo evolution serenety and of course saving private ryan.
TV Shows the whole g4 channel and mythbusters south park dog bites man mind of mencia chapelles show rvb (of course) dirty jobs firefly survivor csi: dead like me and band of brothers
Books all ronald dahl books and my book that im writing right now Journal of a Hitman