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24 year-old male from Richmond, VA

23 years old,graduated from Rutgers newark i majored in CJ. i am a pretty chill person, i like to stay active you can find me at the gym everyday of the week, and you can find me with a beer in my hand sometimes of the week. i have a wonderful fiance named Nataly and she has learned to love my geek side that is true love <3 7 years and going strong.

shoot me a comment or msg and ill respond quick
Ciao! Ciao!
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self-promotionbeing apart of this site for so many years and loving its content has finally gone and done it. this just a short video of me and my friend playing the last of us. personally i think its funny, but that might be that i am narcissistic bla bla bla. but if anyone has free time please give it a go and let us know what you think. LINK IS BELOW...


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