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Nostalgia: Images inserted at random.I used to find it hard to reconcile my differences with the new members of this site, all of whom seemed rather introverted.

Used to.

My opinion is that they become fixated on their little sub-communities (RWBY, AH, LPs etc.), and find it difficult to integrate into the wider community.

(RvBUK 2004)

It seems that new users will find a way into RoosterTeeth, either by YouTube (LPs, AH etc), or through new content, such as RWBY or the Podcast, and not really make the transition to the forums.

The thing I came to realise is that I am old in terms of the site.

That may seem like an odd thing to say, but you have to remember that when people from my "generation" signed up, we only had Red vs Blue. (yes I sound old

We weren't divided by content, or provided with a terrifyingly all-pervasive look at the Staff lives.
There was only one platform to share and discuss content, and only one community with which to do so.

(RvBUK 2008?)

Admittedly signing up for a free account, logging in every day, and chatting via a forum, as opposed to Twitter/Facebook etc. takes a little more commitment, but I believe that is what made it better.

I think that is what Burnie meant when he talks about the old "Community"...back in the days when dozens of people would band together and work on a project...when a successful project would reach the entire community, without being fueled by Staff support.

Putting that little bit of effort into the community goes a long way.

(RvBUK 2013)

There were two posts this week that really made me think about the community.

First up was @Radius55 posting about the New Mods and Admins.
These people have really dedicated their time and effort to supporting the community in a meaningful way, and every one of them deserves congratulating.

Secondly, @Count3D posted about his 9 year anniversary on the site. (Honestly, I thought he'd been here longer!)
His journal entry "9 People You Meet on RoosterTeeth.com" made me think about the old days, hanging out in the forums.
Each person he lists started out as a community member, and many of them have now become forum mods, site admins, or full blown staff.

I don't really know where I'm going with this...just an old man feeling nostalgic for the old days!

That being said, RvBUK is making leaps and bounds forward, will turn 10 in 2015, and will be featured at the European Festival of Machinima and Animation.

This is really inspiring me to do more with the event...to reach out to all areas of RoosterTeeth, and make them feel welcome.
We have come under scrutiny for the term "RvBUK", saying that it excludes all other content, but this is simply not the case.
the label is it's legacy...a reminder of the fact that RoosterTeeth started as RedvsBlue.com, and that we have been around to witness the honestly staggering growth of the company and the community.

(RvBUK 2014)

So thanks @Radius55 and @Count3D for inadvertently reigniting my love of this community.

Here is to another 10 years!

TL;DR - I thought RT was full of kids, then I realised I'm a fossil. [Insert new lease of life here]
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