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JayCee ImperalBaker
33 year-old female from Oklahoma
Theatre Manager as a Prestige Class
Requirements: LvL 6 Neurotic with min seven ranks in Electrician, Mechanic, Accounting, Promoting, and HR Management.
Feats: Babysitter, Improved Babysitter, Craft Popcorn, Craft Cotton Candy, Dauntless, Exotic Weapon Profeciency (Popcorn Scoops) and Dodge.
Skill Points: Min +3 Mods in Dex, Int and Wis. Will Save: Maxed.

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JayCee ImperalBaker
No Strings on MeYou thought this was an Age of Ultron post? Nah. Close though.

My wireless router has died, well, the wireless part has. I can still get online with my desktop which is tethered. I really want my wireless back though. XD

So, all my friends much wiser than I am... I have a budget of $200 but I'd like to only spend half of that if possible. What router should I buy?
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Name JayCee
Occupation Writer (found a real job, but who cares)
Birthday July 26th, 1981
Interests Gaming (any types console and PC) Watching Movies and Television (scifi psychological detective comedy) Reading and Writing (scifi psychological detective) History (anything Pre-RenRef) Kickboxing and anything else I can think of at the time. Favorite books: Hitchhiker9;s Guide to the Galaxy Zahn's Star Wars books as well as Stackpoles Myth and Phule's series by Robert Asprin Thomas Moore's Utopia and Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan.
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Music Rock (Classic to 80s to Grunge to Goth) Classical Metal Soundtracks to movies and tv shows some Pop and some Country. I'm not gonna list bands because I like SONGS not Bands.
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