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Jean110 Oh yeah
24 year-old male from Port Huron, MI
I'm a reader, a writer, a gamer, a teacher, and an avid fan of RT Productions, what more is there to tell?

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Current Game Addiction: Skyrim
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Jean110 Oh yeah
Hosting CAH On Tuesday!Seems I have a knack for setting these sort of gatherings up online, so why not use it and let everyone know? Tuesday, April 1st, I'll be hosting a game night for you wonderfully horrible people in CAH. Streaming may occur so be ready to be heard on twitch, and leave your conscience at the door. CAH is a Party Game for horrible people and the time you will have is worth every second of the terribleness that comes with the game. You really learn who people are with CAH and you can have tons of fun speaking with everyone as we set up all the cards.

Now we did pretty well with a limit of 10 people in a game, and I know a lot of people will want to join. I already have a list of people that ...
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