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Jean110 Oh yeah
25 year-old male from Port Huron, MI
I'm a reader, a writer, a gamer, a teacher, an aspiring Speech Pathologist, and an avid fan of RT Productions, what more is there to tell? Well I guess telling you I'm a big fan of Cards Against Humanity should be on the table too eh? I love hanging out, online or offline, and if you're in Michigan be on the look out for invitations to join me for a meal or good time at various venues in eastern MI.

Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/Jean11089

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Current Game Addiction: World of Tanks
Current Hobby Addiction: Reading/Writing
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Jean110 Oh yeah
Is it just me?Another question from Jean? Unbelievable right?! Anyways, this is a social networking and Internet question in general. Keeping it quick because I'm curious about how others view this particular aspect of current Internet culture. Despite having a large number of people on my contact list in Skype I tend not to speak with the majority unless I have an important question to ask them or if I'm looking for advice and they seem like a good person to ask. Is this normal? Or am I the only one that tends to use it for more important queries alone? I know it's a social networking outlet but I wonder if I should be using it more to keep in touch with people? The reason I tend to keep m...
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Name Jean-Luc
Occupation Writer. Jobless Teacher. Speech Pathology Student
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