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Jean110 Oh yeah
25 year-old male from Port Huron, MI
Reader, writer, gamer, movie buff, teacher and aspiring Speech Pathologist. I love talking about anything to do with these parts of my life.

I love CAH & host game nights now and then.

I'm very involved in the RT Michigan Group and love to hang out with new people in general.

Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/Jean11089

Phrase of the Month: Dedication is the key to all life.
Current Game Addiction: World of Tanks
Current Hobby Addiction: Reading/Writing
Current Book Progress: Idea & Outline Stage
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Jean110 Oh yeah
A Tagging Too FarThis past week everyone was tagging everyone else. Eventually, and I admit I enjoyed several days of not being tagged, I was tagged by about six people for various things I was supposed to do. Well you know what? It's time to find out.

You wanna know what you went and made me do?

Do ya?!



You created a monster!

Username: It's right there. Don't be lazy.
Age: Also in my profile. Stop being lazy. But to be honest, I don't act 25... At all... Unless I'm speaking with professors.
From: Dammit, I told you to stop being lazy! I'll give ya a hint. I'm on the knuckle of the thumb of the mitten shaped southern peninsula of the state. Aka. I'm the furt...
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Name Jean-Luc
Occupation Writer. Jobless Teacher. Speech Pathology Student
Birthday June 22nd, 1989
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