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jegsimmons1 Octopants
21 year-old male from Huntsville Alabama
Just a guy who like drawing, photoediting, movie makeing, gameing and all the buttery goodness that is internet.
Im also christian and Im also a halo fanatic. feel free to Watch me because im always active and interesting /shamlessplug.

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jegsimmons1 Octopants
My words of wisdom"We dont live in a perfect world free of tragedy, we do however live in a world where Samual Colt existed, and thats a close enough for me."

"A collective of people is made of individuals....so its safe to assume the rights of the individual is good enough for the collective."

"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for life, teach a man to pray, he catches that big bastard who broke his line and ate all his other bait."

"All animals are like puppies really.....They all die after being hit by a big enough truck."

"There are two types of men on earth, those who like tennis, and those with testicles."

"It's never ok to hit woman....Luckily feminist tend to reject the idea of traditional gender roles."

"People who keep saying "wrestling is fake" are the same assholes who like to ruin magic tricks at the circus."

"Ladies, bowling is a noisy activity, so when your man tells you he's going out for peace and quite and brings his bowling ball with him, then the peace and quite is relative, and you're mostly likely the variable....or your wild ass kids."

"Ignorance is a result of circumstances, stupidity is a result of being a stubborn asshole."

"Accept defeat gracefully, but before that cheat like a dirty bastard."

"After accepting defeat gracefully, cheat like a dirty bastard."

"If Chuck Norris cant punch it, Clint Eastwood stare it down, Sean Connery fuck it, Adam Baldwin shoot it, Steve McQueen out cool it, then its either a hallucination, or you have met god himself."

"Men will fight and kill in war rooms, living rooms, on hunting grounds and even hollow grounds....but never when one or more parties are fishing.....EVER. Because thats just plain disrespectful"

"The appeal of NASCAR is the satisfaction that some where men can make hundreds of left turns without waiting on traffic."

"If it...
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Name Emerson Simmons
Occupation Starving Artist.......dear god, someone help me.
Birthday June 21st, 1993
Interests Drawing writing reviewing stuff humor.
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