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21 year-old male from Huntsville Alabama
Just a guy who like drawing, photoediting, movie makeing, gameing and all the buttery goodness that is internet.
Im also christian and Im also a halo fanatic. feel free to Watch me because im always active and interesting /shamlessplug.

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jegsimmons1 Nuke Em
PhilosophyWhat the average idiot thinks Philosophy is:
2+2=4 but why not 5?

What pseudo philosophers think Philosophy is:
2+2=4 because i choose it.

What Jaden Smith thinks Philosophy is:
how can how can 4 be real if 2 and 2 aren't real?

What real philosopher think Philosophy is:
2+2=4 and i understand why it is so and that proof requires the Axiom of infinity which guarantees the existence of at least one infinite set, namely a set containing the natural numbers.

What I think Philosophy is:
I got better shit to do than answer you're retarded fucking questions.

With that said....Go ahead and ask me you're retard fucking philosophical questions not math based unless you want to because its somethi...
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Name Emerson Simmons
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