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32 year-old male from Media, PA

Glib Shark. Podcast excellence.
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Username: Jengaship
Age: 32
Born: Philadelphia, now residing in nearby Media, PA
Sponsor: Yep
Date Joined: 10/04/2004
Last Signed In: 11 minutes ago

RT Content:
First RT video you saw: RvB S2, Ep1
Last Podcast you watched: My own
Favorite RT member: Caleb (so dreamy)
Did you watch a RT video today: Nope.
Favorite RT Series: The Strangerhood
Favorite RT video: Red Vs Blue: The Greatest Episode Ever Ohhh my stomach!

RT Site:
Number of notifications: 7
Name of 1st Journal: Ignorant Comment of the Week
Name of your latest journal: Questions/Answers
Last photo uploaded: A picture of the late Robin Williams as Rainbow Randolph
Last thread you commented on: ****redacted*****
First group in your group list: Late Nite JengaJam Glib Shark
Last private message sent to: @karlibean

Achievement Hunter:
Gamer Score: 13855
Lads or Gents: A Lad never tells and a gent never asks.
Favorite Achievement Hunter: Knuckles Dawson
Minecraft skin: Those are for money cash types.
Favorite AH Show: AHWU

Favorite group: ***redacted*****
Have you gone to a community event: Several. Even planned a few.
Have you gone to RTX: A couple of times,
Favorite community member: @Count3D

I'm not tagging anyone else.
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