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I don't hate you, John Cena...All the Jenga that's fit to print...

I never shy away from or downplay my interests. If I like something, why would I hide it? I'll switch between football, wrestling, and episodes of Days of Our Lives while reading Ms Marvel (the new one, who looks like she could be Adnan Syed's kid sister.) So of course I listen to Colt Cabana's "The Art of Wrestling" and have for years. So of course I listened to the latest one featuring ex-wrestler and future comics author CM Punk. I won't bore the non-wrestling fans with the baffling details of his ordeal with WWE, except to he inspires me to stand up for myself. Mazel tov, Punk!

For those who don't know, I'm getting married. She's awesome. We're happy. Parts of the wedding planning suck, but that's the price you pay when you find the person who gets you on the deepest, most fundamental level. I don't lead with the news, not because I'm not happy but because it seems so obvious, so familiar. Of course I'm marrying someone incredible.

A lot of you got married. Are getting married. Having kids. Buying houses. Getting degrees, promotions. Keep winning at life and kicking despair's teeth down its throat. Good on you. And, @barbara, the hair looks amazing. You look better as a brunette.

Companies are growing up, too. I didn't really say too much about the Fullscreen acquisition. I don't think I have to. Pixar and Marvel provide pretty good evidence that you buy a company to help you make money, not because they're doing everything wrong and you need to teach them your way of doing things. Companies that are doing it wrong fail or else get propped up by governments.

The itch to make longer-form stuff...essays, etc. is growing. I feel like my greatest enemy is my tablet, with its assortment of games.

I joined a Toastmasters chapter at work. I feel like the only thing keeping me from taking over everything is that I talk too fast and not clearly enough. Strangely, not a lesson you learn after 8 years of podcasting.

8 years of JengaShark. It's been amazing. I would say, if a person were to do a history of the internet as a whole or just Rooster Teeth specifically, my podcast is one of the best primary documents you could find. @Juls can back me up on this, right?

I'm on the cusp of something. Every 5 years, I get the feeling that there's something big that's gonna shuffle the deck. Not just being married, either. The currents are shifting.

Pope is coming to Philly. That's pretty cool.

Last but not least, let me ask you: What do you guys want to see next from me?

Thanks for reading

Jack Edathil, the Glib Jengaship
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