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Male from Amsterdam, NY
Hmm what to say what to say.Im a rather aloof being who doesnt take my life seriously; which I believe is how I get through the day

This show's been going down since season 3

Currently Playing: Fantasy Football, Fable II
Currently Watching: NFL week 5, 9-4 in the pool
Currently Hearing: Pearl Jam - Backspacer
Currently Anticipating: baby Willow Grace Harrison, or baby Finnegan James Harrison
Currently In: The 518
Currently Reading: Carlos Ruiz Zafon "The Angles Game"
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out of the ashe'sYeah, Im back again.... GIMME SOME SUGAR BABY.

Good to see all of my RT friends again.

Updates: This dumbass is getting married in 2 weeks.......

Top ten bands/artists

10 The White Stripes
8 The Doors
7 The Beatles
6 Radiohead
5 Jimi Hendrix
4 U2
3 Tom Waits
2 Led Zeppelin
1 The Rolling Stones
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Name James
Occupation Line Cook, Mail Carrier, Beer Drinker
Birthday June 29th
Interests Reading Writing Movies Sports Hockey Baseball Football Football american Poker Summer Going out Beer Chillin'
Music Doors Jimi Hendrix Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin U2 Radiohead RATM Beetles CCR Cream Gorrilaz Tom Petty Pink Floyd Dropkick Murphy's Tom Waits Johnny Cash anything classic rock
Movies Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Star wars trilogy Matrix trilogy Boondock Saints Dr. Strangelove Monty Python and the Holy Grail Serenity Clue Evil Dead Evil Dead II Army of Darkness Bulworth Office Space The Big Lebowski Animal House Young Frankenstein The Fifth Element the life of brian the meaning of life pulp fiction Resevouir Dogs desperado the life aquatic with steve zissou Go Indiana Jones trilogy Heat Pirates of the Carribean From Hell The Ninth Gate Cube Pi The Good The Bad and the Ugly Jaws Gosford Park Sin City Fight Club The Royal Tenembaums The Godfather The Godfather II Ronin Men in Tights Spaceballs Blazing Saddles Caddyshack Payback Requiem for a Dream Memento The Blues Brothers Clerks
TV Shows The Daily Show Futurama Cowboy Bebop world series of poker scrubs Firefly Farscape sienfeld Adult Swim Alias Lost Sopranos Deadwood Rome Amazing Race Robot Chicken
Books Fear and Loating in Las Vegas The Rum Diary The Davinci Code The Prince The Republic The Greedy Bastard Diary Jennifer Government Syrup Company The Greedy Bastard Diary If Chins Could Kill The Great Shark Hunt Treasure Island The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists the book I am trying to write