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29 year-old female from Staten Island, NY
....If I ever get the chance to turn invisible, I'm going to follow people around and whisper creepy things in their ears.
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Jillers Angels Vox
So sometimes I look at the #yesallwomen tag on twitter and see people trolling it and open up a dialogue with them. Admittedly I go in knowing at some point I'm going to call them a clown and stop talking to them. But we all must have our hobbies.

This guy had a spiel though. Oh man. And this was the crux of his argument:

"Hormones are a very important part of what makes humans do what we do. No? & If women are inexorably controlled by ovulation…. You women will never know what it means to be truly free of hormones as a man can be… Thus when I speak of freedom & free will you have no idea of what these things actually mean….”

This is just such a thing of beauty. It�...
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