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Jillers Spearasaurus
29 year-old female from Staten Island, NY
....If I ever get the chance to turn invisible, I'm going to follow people around and whisper creepy things in their ears.

You can also catch me on Tumblr

My favorite words are Shark and Ficus.
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Jillers Spearasaurus
So after some of us left The Angels, we decided to get together to make our own thing. It's been an exciting few weeks of planning and creating and making and doing.
We decided on the name Clever Girl Gaming. Because we all love Jurassic Park and Dinosaurs.
We have a twitter, a tumblr, facebook, and, oh yeah, our first youtube video went live today!
We're really exciting to be making heaps of content and focusing specifically on that. We have so many ideas going on it's really energizing!
So please watch our newest video - an LP of the Destiny Beta - and check in every day, Monday - Friday for new videos! And keep an eye here, and on the CGG social media sites for updates!

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Name Jill
Occupation Jillin' like a Villain, and chillin' like a Jillin.
Birthday November 20th, 1984
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