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Jillers Blanket Fort
29 year-old female from Staten Island, NY
....If I ever get the chance to turn invisible, I'm going to follow people around and whisper creepy things in their ears.
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Jillers Blanket Fort
My friend went into labor yesterday. Like. Not just my friend. But my BEST FRIEND. We've been friends since Grade School best friend. She is like a sister best friend. My mom calls her her second daughter, and she sometimes refers to my mom as mom 2 best friend.
She is still in labor. At around 11 they broke her water and gave her meds to induce stronger contractions. And here I am sitting here waiting for a new life to come into the world, wishing I could be at the hospital for her, but knowing she doesn't want people there.
Come on baby! I wanna meet you and your giant head! (he's going to have a giant head)
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Name Jill
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