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29 year-old female from Staten Island, NY
....If I ever get the chance to turn invisible, I'm going to follow people around and whisper creepy things in their ears.
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Extra Life 2014So it’s that time of year - which is actually a time of year that never really seems to stop - when gamers get together to raise awareness and money for a good cause. Between AGDQ, SGDQ, Desert Bus for Hope, and RT Side Quest (and those are the ones I KNOW of), gamers have the calendar covered.

So over at The Angels we’re gearing up for Extra Life. Including me. Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is a network of hospitals that save children’s lives, while allowing parents to worry about their children and not how they’re going to pay for life saving procedures. This is a position I haven’t had to be in, thankfully, but I can’t imagine the kind of torment that must be.

I’m pla...
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