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Jillers Spearasaurus
29 year-old female from Staten Island, NY
....If I ever get the chance to turn invisible, I'm going to follow people around and whisper creepy things in their ears.

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My favorite words are Shark and Ficus.
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Jillers Spearasaurus
LONDONSo. Here's the thing. Most people get emails from the UK Consulate regarding their visa application: it was received, it's being processed, and their decision.
I got none of that. Didn't know if my application got there, didn't know when/if it was being processed/didn't know if it was approved.
I got my passport back today. In the envelope was my passport and the extra passport photo I sent them because what was I going to do with it. Nothing else. I had no email. No official letter. Not even a hastily written memo on a post-it.
So. I felt lost. Upset. Horrible. Like... did they deny me? If so why? I would have liked an explanation.
So, I flipped through my passport sadly,...
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