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24 year-old male from Carolina Forest, SC
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Jman2425 JeremyJasonA
Stuff that I am doing! Right now I am in the process of setting up a live stream that will be schedule for every Tuesday at 11PM EST. I know that is a horrible time but it the only time that my schedule allows. I am also trying to get back into vlogging everyday. As my YouTube channel is transitioning into becoming a company I am getting really serious about making sure I have constant content going out to the internet. I am hoping that I am able to get the vlog channel (Mx3vlog) to a lucrative state. Right now there are not enough people subscribed and watching for it to make sense financially to be posting everyday. I will suck it up though and post everyday until more people start watching! :P I am hoping that I will be able to get back in gear with the main channel (MrMinistryMan) as well. I have around 3k subscribers there waiting for new videos. Why am I not filming a new video for that right now so I can make more money? I don't know...maybe I should reevaluate my priorities here and start making money rather than post on some crummy social networking site...lol! Anyway, I am excited about what is coming up in the future. I am finally getting the chance to do EXACTLY what I want to do! :P Stay tuned and I will be providing updates here and on the vlog channel!
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