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School is done!Well, for the quarter at least. You know how people say the longer you stay in school, the more you know about an increasingly small amount of stuff? Yea... so I could explain to you exactly how to analyze the vibration of an imbalanced machine, or how to size the tubing of a bike stem to deal with the forces of riding. I find myself slipping more and more, however, when it comes to stuff outside the realm of mechanical engineering, which is a tad depressing. I would take some more courses out of my major, but I really want to be done with school.

Speaking of being done: 3 quarters left! Unless I do grad school, which I should given the current work climate and the fact that I could get my expenses paid if I work the thesis some people want me to. It's just, school's a grind :(.

On the plus side, though, I've gotten to the point where I can actually get paid as an engineer for my work, which sure beats $12/hr at my old job. I'm in second round interviews for a hardware design position with Apple, which could be cool, and I'm talking with a couple robotics firms as well.

As to why I'm writing this now: I realized I was spending as much time talking politics on a different board as I used to here, only the people there were far dumber than those here and it was far less satisfying. Plus, I missed the cool people. I've determined that breaking the internet addiction is futile for me, so I might as well redirect it someplace I enjoy :).

Edit: Proof that hockey is amazing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1-25s4uwFQ
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