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i dont even care anymore.schools back......yup. i have absolutely shit stacks of homework, and its just the second week of school. I've got a project on an anthropologist due on tuesday, a physics test on monday, book report on tuesday, and a crap chute of paperwork i have to get done. i have to write a ten minute play for drama. my school is non semestered so at the end of the year, we have all the essays and summative assignments, but this year, my drama summative is in February, and the summative if the 10 minute play. i have to get the play written by the 24th (of september). i have to hand it in earlier than every one else, mainly because I'm going to cuba. now cuban this cuban vacation is going to be both a good thing and a bad thing. good cause i need a vacation. bad because we are going right in the middle of hurricane season. if a hurricane does come, it will be a learning experience. i, thankfully, have never had to experience a hurricane (fuck yea canada), and i can only hope i will never have to. lets get away from school.

i went to fanexpo canada..........too bad rt wasn't there, but my mega 64 sweater got me a free vinyl decal. but yea fan expo. i got a kickass power girl statue, a dragon ball, a mini poison ivy statue, a lot of manga, and 2 seasons of adventure time. so yea, fan expo. ive been having really great luck with my local comic shop. by good luck, i mean there is shit on sale like a mofo. there are $5 TPB and $10 THB so i am just buying graphic novels left and right. i also got back into magic the gathering. let me just say, magic the gathering is a very dangerous addiction. thats all i really have to say. i just haven't written in a while and i thought i should check in with the literally 0 people that read this. but seriously, if you are reading this, and like watching my profile, just like leave a comment or something. oh i have a twitter so follow me. its @Dandiestman. so follow me, or some shit. so yea. bye guys.
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