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Jordan Cast & Crew
23 year-old male from Austin, TX via Norwalk, CA
I make the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures cartoons you love so much.

Suggest a Rooster Teeth podcast moment for animating here. Rest assured I read them all, even if I'm not replying. Please don't message me with your suggestions.

Direct your questions to this thread and I'll answer them.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
RTAA AMA FTWHi everyone! Four years ago today I uploaded this cartoon to YouTube.

It was the product of too much time spent indoors, listening to the RT Podcast, and watching Homestar Runner that summer. It turned out to be a big hit, so I made some more. Then they got integrated into the RT video podcasts. Then I started making them weekly for the RT YouTube channel. Then I moved to Austin to make more RTAAs and cool new shows. It's been quite a ride, so let's celebrate the occasion with an AMA.

I'll be back in about an hour to answer your questions. Ask me anything!
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