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24 year-old male from Austin, TX via Norwalk, CA
I make the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures cartoons you love so much.

Suggest a Rooster Teeth podcast moment for animating here. Rest assured I read them all, even if I'm not replying. Please don't message me with your suggestions.

Direct your questions to this thread and I'll answer them.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
Bearth DayBack in 2009 I was involved in a writing project where I wrote a blog every day for the month of April. Recently, I came across some old entries and thought I would share the one about Earth Day. Here's what I wrote this six years ago today:

I'm sure you already knew this, but today is Earth Day! Earth Day is one of those holidays that is widely celebrated, but not yet significant enough to get you the day off from school. It is also, and I think this is true, the Earth's birthday. I mean, it has to be, otherwise what's the point of having it on this day? Random date on a calendar selecting by some guy named Gaylord? Most certainly not.

There has always been speculation about the Earth's actual date of birth. In 1650, James Ussher calculated the Earth's date of creation to be October 23rd. Which is fine with me, because that is my birthday, and I have no problem with sharing my birthday with someone as great as the Earth. However, thanks to "modern science" and whatnot, this well thought out and previously accepted theory has been kicked to the curb.

Though the Earth's exact birthday is still not known (and honestly, no one is ever going to find out; it's just impossible to tell when the Earth officially went from lava rock in space to planet capable of holding life), we still have Earth Day to fall back on and celebrate its apparent birth, and also to raise awareness that we might possibly maybe most definitely be killing it . . .

Earth Day started in 1970 as a way to pledge for a better environmental future by decreasing population growth and the entrapment of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The plan was that by 1994, everything should be evened out. And now, in 2009, things have become progressively worse from where we started 39 years ago. But, we can at least feel guilt free on Earth Day, when we ride our bikes to work and use mousse for our hair. PROBLEM SOLVED.

All this Earth Day talk reminds me of when I was in ...
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