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Jordan Cast & Crew
24 year-old male from Austin, TX via Norwalk, CA
I make the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures cartoons you love so much.

Suggest a Rooster Teeth podcast moment for animating here. Rest assured I read them all, even if I'm not replying. Please don't message me with your suggestions.

Direct your questions to this thread and I'll answer them.
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Jordan Cast & Crew
RTAA requestsHey y'all, it's time for me to make some new RTAAs! But I need your help.

If there's funny moment from a podcast, Let's Play, Funhaus video, or anything related to Rooster Teeth, hop on over to the RTAA Requests forum to suggest it to be animated. You'd be helping me out for real, since I have been busy focusing on X-Ray and Vav season 2, and have missed a couple videos in the meantime. Plus it guarantees that I'll make videos that you'll want to see! It's a win-win. Just go to the forum, follow the format, and upvote any other suggestions you wanna see made into an RTAA. Thanks everyone!
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