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Figure It's Time to Start Using the SiteHello everyone,

My name is Jordan and I thought it was time to explain who I am considering I'm on the cast & crew list and figured out I had to allow people to friend me. I'm currently a senior down at the University of Texas at Austin working on a degree in Radio-TV-Film with a focus on color correction/grading and cinematography. Last semester I magically got an internship at Rooster Teeth! I say magically because I enrolled in courses very late, had to find an internship in a week, and somehow found RT looking for an intern in the college's job assistance program.

I have to be frank with you devoted fans out there with the truth: I didn't know anything about Rooster Teeth besides having seen some episodes of Red Vs. Blue in middle school; makes me feel old thinking about that. Funny story, on the day of my interview they were having a Labor Day cookout where I nervously got to meet everybody and while I was leaning against a wall wondering what to do with the hand that wasn't holding a soda I heard Jack's familiar voice near me and I thought, "what the hell is the Achievement Hunter guy doing here!?" Yeah...didn't know they were a part of RT.

Skip ahead through the greatest internship on the planet...well maybe not if the trailer for the movie The Internship is factual than Google would give it a run for its money (sorry RT, the movie looks sub-par if that helps). Anyways, once the internship was over I, again magically, snuck myself into my current job title as an independent contractor for them. Now I'm an on-call prostitute production/post-production assistant and I gotta tell ya it's like a vacation from school to go in and work with the great people down there (yeah they're great in real life too, who knew)!

What exactly do I work on? Well during my internship I mainly helped out with the podcast with various things like making the video advertisements before each one (sorry), assistant editing work, color grading (seriously fun for me, don't know why) and a production assistant when there was a live action production. Now as an independent contractor I basically do the same much less often, which is depressing but I'm learning how to cope.

Now that I've had some time on my hands I've watched all of the RTAAs, RT Shorts, the 1st season of RvB (I'll get through all of them but I treat each season like a long movie and need the time for it), most currently almost up-to-date with all the Minecraft Lets Plays (seriously spent 5 hours on the day I decided to watch them and had to shake myself back to reality), and frequent the /r/roosterteeth subreddit. I have turned into an addict of their content and now my only regret in life is not sucking up everything they made and were going to make like a leech in those stupid middle school years of mine.

Anyways that's my story so far at this great company. Feel free to any questions you have of me as I am glad to answer them.

TL;DR: Film student who likes to color grade and play with cameras, intern to independent contractor at RT, hi.
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