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27 year-old male from Manhattan, KS
i DO accept random friend requests because...really...i have nothing better to do

i remixed the remix and it was back to normal!
-Mitch Hedberg

I want to make a puzzle that's 42,000 pieces...and when you're done it says "GO OUTSIDE"
-Demetri Martin

When someone asks "Are you ticklish?" it doesn't matter what you say, you're getting touched...
When someone asks that, you have to say something that won't make them touch you like..."i have diarrhea...better not touch me or it'll come out!"
-Demetri Martin (again)
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weeeeso i'm single now. i know it's basically meaningless to state it here, but it takes out a little frustration.

for those who are curious, i left work thursday to find a note on my car from my now ex-girlfriend that read this:
"I can't do this anymore
I'm done"

i have no idea what happened, apparently their have been so many things over the last few months that have pissed her off and led to this, good thing she said something and tried to work it out...wait

also, for anyone still reading this.... 10 days from now would have been 21 months together.

happy anniversary
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