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Day 165: This Kills The JohnSorry I missed a journal almost immediately after coming back from a long break, but I was busy GETTING HEALTHY! OH YEAH! So yeah, I ran like a mile last night and managed to not throw up or pass out, so go me. I've also been doing sit-ups and whatnot to try and just get in better shape. I've basically just been trying to take better care of myself lately. Better hygiene, keeping my room clean, exercise, reading, all that shit. Let's see how long it'll last....

SPEAKING OF READING, I finally finished The Gunslinger this morning and I really dug it. It's like a cross between Lord of the Rings and a western. There are like 7 books in the series, so I'll probably never finish it. But now that I've finished reading that, I'm finally going to read the fucking copy of Game of Thrones that's been collecting dust on my dresser for the last year and a half.

Also, I'm going up to New Hampshire for my cousin's graduation this weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to post more stupid journals, but I have no idea.
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