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25 year-old male from Perth, Western Australia
I am a typical <Enter my current age> year old. Goes out, stay's in, keeps fit, always going out trying something new - has fun(!), games, play's 7 Musical instruments, comic's, prop collecting, prop building, etc! My dvd collection is now about 7500 strong!

<EDIT - 05/12/2012>

Currently Playing: Red Dead Redemption/ Halo 4/ Assassin's Creed 3
Currently Listening to: Bloodhound Gang!
Currently Building: A Steel anchor for my nephews pirate bed.
Currently Designing: Vacuum Formed Master Chief armour!
Currently Learning: Clay Modeling.
Currently Watching: Band of Brothers & The Pacific
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So my uh.. Profile needs updating!So I uh.. Just had a look at my profile here.. SWEET HEAVENS it needs updating *put's on to do list for tomorrow*
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Name Tim Martin
Occupation Sheetmetal Tradesman/ CNC Programmer/ Leading hand in charge of 14
Birthday November 28th, 1989
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