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Man, I love this picture...

Sorry, if you feel offended at the fact that I'm a furry freak... well that's too bad. You clicked on my link with full knowledge of what picture I use as a avatar.
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ANZAC DayFor those of you living outside Australia, today is ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day. ANZAC Day is where we remember those who have fought so that we con't have to and I think it's an exellent time to remember the men and women who fought so hard. Firstly a poem:

In the warfields of Flanders, the Somme and of France
The poppies are blooming, they sway and they dance
Ten thousand Australians, all tanned and all fit
Have come to this Country, the Jerries to hit.

The guns were all thundering, sombre and dull
The infantry streaming, then so mournful a lull
Our brave boys are falling - courageous and strong
Hark! Something has happened, something is wrong!

The Light Horse are stumbling, shaken and falling
They rally their mates on, true to their calling
The battle swords clatter, the foes are retreating
The Aussies press onwards, their mission completing.


So throughout our great country, with pride our hearts turn
Our unknown soldier to us doth return
In the sunshine in Aussie, this day in November
Our Soldiers - our Heroes, we'll always remember!!!!

Lest we forget....

One amazing story about ANZAC's that was recently in the news was Kapyong. During the Korean War a tale of amazing heroism unfolded, during a Chinese offensive against Kapyong a small battaleon of ANZAC's were forced to hold their own against a massive assault during the battle four ANZAC's were told to hold a ridge making sure that no one was coming up behind them. They did, those four soldiers together held off at least a platoon of Chinese killing roughly 45 of them. Today only two remain Kevin Simms and Ray. Kevin killing twenty three himself, one of them blindsighting them from behind, he ran firing at their position Kevin turned firing his rifle killing the man and when he fell "his hand landed on my boot."

Kevin quoted to the reporter covering the story: "They ordered us to stay here and stay we did."

After the battle the ANZAC forced had succeeded:

"Major O'Dowd then directed the radio operator to contact anyone. The American 1st Marine Division answered but their operator refused to believe who our operator was speaking for. Major O'Dowd took the phone and demanded to speak to the commanding officer. The general in charge of the [Marine] division came on the phone and told O'Dowd we didn't exist as we had been wiped out the night before. Major O'Dowd said, 'I've got news for you, we are still here and we are staying here.'"

Private Patrick Knowles, 3 RAR, on the morning of 24 April 1951

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