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24 year-old male from Tallahassee, FL
I'm a filmmaker.
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Over Exit Out - my feature film. Hey RvB. Been a while. Busy working on my feature film that we just put up on kickstarter last week. Its been slow. very slow. like, sloth like. according to KickTraq we'll need to average $4,000+ a day. Sigh. Why climb up a hill when you know there's a dragon at the top. Cause fuck it. I'd rather die by dragon than stuck wondering whats up atop that mountain.

Well. Pulling out all the stops on this one.

If you guys have the time I'd appreciate if you would check out my kickstarter page. Even if its just to scoff and shake your head.

We have some great rewards. (you can get the full film at $10) - kck.st/ZgRuuU

Here's a small synopsis:
A group of teens clash after the suicide of a friend. A coming of age story told through loyalty, violence, and acceptance.
The students of Red Hills High School deal with the many trials and tribulations that go along with growing up. Cain York, Loved and respected leader of the theater troupe, commits suicide after a particularly brutal episode of bullying. This event rocks the foundations of Red Hills, setting the stage for chaos, destruction, and revenge. A dark and violent coming of age, Over Exit Out is the story of a generation of youth forced to grow up beyond their means.

We're literally all over the internet in terms of social media.

Website - www.overexitout.com
Kickstarter: kck.st/ZgRuuU
Facebook - www.facebook.com/overexitout
Twitter - www.twitter.com/overexitoutfilm
Youtube - www.youtube.com/ibsalot
Vimeo - www.vimeo.com/overexitout
Tumblr - overexitout.tumblr.com
Ask.fm - ask.fm/overexitout

Thanks guys.
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