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TEN YEARS AGO. . .Ten years ago I . . . wait what? No I didn't join this site ten years ago like some other people did (*cough*@zack*cough*) to form the primordial gumbo from which the early Rooster Teeth community would crawl out of. No I joined the site 8 years ago, not as long as 10 years but still longer than 6 years. And don't even get me started on people who got here after the first million!

But that's not what this journal is about, its about what happened 10 years ago. Namely the release of Halo 2 which is especially significant now considering the Master Chief Collection now looms menacingly on the horizon threatening to swallow my spare time at a moments notice.

It is content to feast slowly.

I still have very fond memories of when Halo 2 released, I remember it like many yesterdays ago. It was back when G4 & Tech TV fused to become G4techTV and it's show line up wasn't stupid fucking COPS reruns. It was a goddamn magical time and we will never get back. The following years would consist of Halo 2 consuming most of my time, and it was glorious. And also while watching the special features disk on the collector's edition was the first time I heard about Red vs Blue, which would send me down strange and interesting new path when I look more into it two years later. Ah those we're the days. . .

Actually thinking about how fucked my game backlog will be.

You want to know what else released 10 years ago? Half-Life 2 released a decade ago and not only is there no Half-Life 3 but there's not even a whisper of Half-Life 3. There has been entire video game trilogies that have been made in the time since Episode 2. It really doesn't help that Valve's organizational structure is 'do whatever' and make money. Its almost criminal that they can not finish one of the greatest series in the history of video games and still make money hand over fist.

But at the same time you can't stay mad at that magnificent bastard Gabefor making Steam and not only saving PC gaming from sliding into a black abyss beneath the tread of inferior consoles but then elevating PC gaming to status above that of consoles.

Pray for thine wallets for they shall not be spared

Now if you'll excuse me I have to convulse wildly on the floor for several hours . . .
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