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Fact vs OpinionFacts:

-Season 9 is going to be awesome

-I'm still here, watching you post. (Ceiling cat and I are best friends)

- I'll be re-sponsoring Soon

-The above fact was a W.o.W related joke.

-The internet (and thereby) everyone posting here, myself, and all you farmville players are fucktards.

-After a independent study by 5 different groups over a course of 10 years... there are still no girls on the internet.

-Fact lists was a terrible idea especially after not posting for awhile cause I'm having trouble thinking of witty things to say ( witty, not funny).


-All my opinions are facts.

Now, I still haven't changed my picture from like 2-4 years ago (and I lied in my post from 4 months ago) because I didn't want to upset Burnie. The last time I upset him he released a new video project called "RT Shorts" and we had to see him and his beard do funny stuff horrendous things. I still feel all your pain of the havoc it has caused and for that I apologize.
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