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Like Flies to a Bug ZapperI've got eight minutes to rant before I read the shit out of this book we're discussing today in British History. ._. My classmates in General Psychology... they're unbelievably dense. >_> One of them could have waited for me to finish up my test! I had to triple check it to be satisfied. I also took a few moments to cheat off of my review sheet for the short answers. I spent nearly five minutes trying to weasel my teacher into giving me the names of the people my group (she didn't have a roster with her and could only give me their first names), then another ten minutes patiently stalking someone I recognized from my class until I could intercept them.

He turned out to be from my group, as I suspected, and he was as clueless as I was. We talked it over and decided we'd wave the white flag of surrender if we didn't have time after class on Monday to meet up with the others. >_> That's what happens when you put the absent guy in charge of the powerpoint! It's chaos!

I'm not happy with my teacher. She gave us fifteen minutes to meet with our chosen group and didn't tell us we wouldn't be meeting again. Such a huge presentation should've been left for December! Two weeks and no classtime allocated to it? I would've actually preferred socializing with my group members if it meant we'd get some work done!

*sigh* I'm gonna get into class on Monday twenty minutes early with a large sheet of paper stating: "ADOLESCENCE GROUPS - MEET HERE." Maybe the all-caps will persuade them to see what I want them for. It'll be like attracting flies to a zapper. It'll be glorious.

Merde. I need to read now. D: When I get home, I'm probably gonna be the only one getting the house ready for the Halloween party tomorrow since my dad's gonna be busy getting the garage cleared out, my mom will be at work, and my sister will be at soccer practice. The party wasn't even my idea. My god, there's going to be handicapped people in there. As if our house wasn't small enough! I think I might just barricade myself in my room the entire day. No way I'm going to maneuver through all of that. It'd drive me insane, and, as with all parties in our house, my dad'll literally lock the computer desk up. Damn that thing for having a lock anyway!

Whatever. I'll continue working on my outline for NaNoWriMo. I plan to become knowledgable in the workings of the FBI and the Russian mafia. I want to name the chapters after cool FBI terms.

Also, Check this out. It's pretty cool. There's a fuckin' sweet Final Fantasy VII AMV that was recently made to it.
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