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KamakaziNES SaneAdjacent
29 year-old female from The Great White North... aka Canada
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KamakaziNES SaneAdjacent
Off to see Jurassic World in dbox! Should be a good night :)
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Name Vanessa
Occupation Office Administrator/ Aspiring Author
Birthday April 12th, 1986
Interests Gaming watching TV Basketball Volleyball (watching) Hockey Reading Writing Drawing Hunting Fishing Shopping Hanging Out
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Movies Stay The Prestige The Mist The Lion King Batman Begins The Dark Knight Frailty American History X Gran Turino Saving Private Ryan Blackhawk Down Hurt Locker Mean Girls Bring It On Kung Fu Hustle Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Shawn Of The Dead Hot Fuzz Predator Jaws The Rock Terminator 2: Judgement Day Air Force One (Gary Oldman made that movie) Blood Diamond My Fellow Americans Body Of Lies
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