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The FightIt has been a tough weekend for myself, and likely for any other fans out there as well. The news of Monty's passing hits my heart hard. I both loved and respected Monty, and though I didn't fully realize it when he was alive, I see how much I attempted to emulate and replicate his spirit and drive in the things I do. I'm not sure if there is a word in English to describe the feeling you get when your mind is occupied and worried about someone in a situation that you have nothing you can contribute to help. Even worse, when it is someone you feel like you know so well, but then does not know you. I've only met Monty once, at RTX 2012, when he was signing and taking pictures with Geoff, and I got the feeling that he was waiting for the moment that he could return to work. The man was a machine.

I'm most impressed by the community. This is a group of people who are only connected by their shared love an interest in anything RT. Do you remember the first time you saw Monty's animation? I freaked out when I saw my favorite characters move in a way I knew was not within the game. Or the fight scene between Tex and the boys in Season 8? I have no idea how many times I've watched it, over and over, thinking that it was exactly the way it should have been. it was perfection. Remember when we all saw RWBY for the first time? In that panel, how overcome I was by something I had waited for months for, and it blowing me away. Now this weekend. Utterly helpless, we continued on, most of the community by contributing, some by just getting the word out. We will all see each other in 2015 at RTX, I hope. Today, though, we are all chained together by our combined broken hearts.

I do hope you rest in peace. but I don't think you want to
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