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Kaoru27Umi Vamp
The price of shameSo over the weekend I finally got around to watching Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame TED talk

(Fun fact: I was mentioned by name in a TED talk once. Yup. I'm cool.)

It's a fantastic talk about the internet's nonregulation and how people are willing to say the utmost terrible things and posting altered images that last a lifetime... and, frankly, ruin lives.

It's hard being a young person and making a mistake, only in this day and age have that mistake constantly thrown back at you on the internet, reminding you forever that you're a tarnished person. Whether it be a picture, a post, a blog. It's a shame, really, and I think especially the younger generation will forever feel this sort of public humiliation on the internet, considering, no offense y'all, but some of you post some dumb ass shit as youngin's.

That's gonna come back and haunt ya.

I think back to the Reddit made about me (which I had a nice laugh at, fucking n00bs seriously so unoriginal) or the image someone altered (because there isn't enough porn of the internet -eye roll-) , both of which are thankfully not under my real name (which is due to the fact that I've had stalkers in the past try to find information about me... thus using multiple "fake" names became necessary) , but it's still a rather noticeable example to how people treat others on the internet.

You are a blank face. A computer screen. A ghost and an illusion.

A picture of someone you don't know? Doesn't matter, you don't know them. Say whatever you want. Do what ever you want. It's not you or your friends, doesn't matter right?

We have this amazing technology to connect, understand, and interact with people from around the world... and this is how we choose to use it?

Humanity is dirty. Yet I still choose to believe in change. It's sad there aren't more places on the internet like this site...
[/end of rant]
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