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Karl Roosterspeak
20 year-old male from London
Hey I'm Karl, big fan of travelling and meeting as many people from this community as I can

Feel free to message me or add me, I love talking to as many of you guys as possible

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Karl Roosterspeak
Biggest influence from the community A good friend of mine @darkhologram asked me yesterday about what was/is my biggest inspiration as to try and be a big part of this community and I have been thinking about it and it boils down to 2 things,

1. My love of the company and 2. 4 people who when I first joined the community who I had seen a lot over the site who had such a great passion for the site, the company and the community and they are @Newbs @Caiti @Sailortweek and @Barbara.

Seeing everything that these guys have done and still do for this community is amazing and I am so glad that I can call two of them good friends of mine and I can say that I worked for the other two. To me these 4 are the pillars of the community.
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