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29 year-old male from somewhere other than where you are.
I hate assholes and idiots. Everyone else I'm cool with, so just stay away from me if you fall into one of those two groups. Oh and don't bother sending me a friend request unless we have talked before and I know who you are.
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Giving UpSo after realizing that some of the journals sitting on my watchlist are a couple years old I have given up and hit the 'Clear All Alerts' button. It was original intention to go back and read journals after having been away from the site for awhile. Then they kept piling up and I kept not making the time to read them. So if there are some of you who saw me pop up every once in awhile but not comment on your journals that's why. Instead of just clearing it out a long time ago, I kept all those things sitting in the list and because of that haven't kept current with what everyone is doing. If anyone was upset at all that I stopped reading their journals I apologize.
So I am starting with a blank slate once again. I can't promise I will stay on top of things this time, but I'm going to try. Maybe along the way I'll get reacquainted with some old friends.
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Name Chris
Interests books computers music wasting time online (guess why I'm here) hanging out with friends
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Music Demon Hunter Skillet Pillar Grits System of a Down Disturbed Mudvayne POD Jazz Punk Hard Rock and even a bit of classical
Movies Lord of the Rings Star Wars (original trilogy) Spawn Gladiator The Patriot Pirates of the Carribean Monty Python: Holy Grail other Python work Mel Brooks parody films Blade Kill Bill Serenity 300 Shaun of the Dead The Usual Suspects Hot Fuzz Serenity
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