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Katerater LovesScruffy
RTX 2015*Sigh
I wont be going this year.
I have to save all my money for the larger end-of-the-year trip to Japan and Australia.
I wish I could do all the trips but 1) money and 2) I can't take that many days off of work.

Trips I am doing in 2015/2016

May - Anime North - Canada
Once a year (sometimes more) I get to see my oldest RT friends in person and have the most amazing weekend of the year. We finally catch up after not talking/seeing each other in forever. We have such busy schedules that often we dont have skype chats. But that is life! So it's nice to see them, uninterrupted for one weekend in May.

December 2015/January 2016 - Japan/Australia
Usually this trip is done every 2 years, and it's only to Japan, but since I got married to an Australian, it is time to meet his side of the family.
So prior to our Japan trip, we will be spending 10 days or so in Australia. We're renting a car and doing a mini road trip. I hope to see and take a lot of pictures on my trip.

After the fun in the sun I go back to a winter/cold environment in Japan for 2.5/3 weeks with a large group of friends and acquaintances. Some from RT and most are friends of friends of RT members. It's a lot of fun and interesting since we're all from different countries. We usually split off into smaller groups and hang out and explore Japan in our own ways. We get back together and tell each other where we've been

Who is going to RTX this year? Or what else are you doing other than RTX? Any new exciting trips you'll be taking?

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