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The Month of FebruaryOn February 1st, Monty Oum died
On February 2nd, around 3 am, my grandfather died.

Not a great start to this month.

My father had a weird feeling at 3 am. He told mum right away that he felt dizzy for no apparent reason. It lasted for a minute or two, and then went away. He later got a phone call (at 7-8 am) that his dad passed away at around 3 am. We booked him a flight ASAP to New York to be with his mother and sister and help with funeral arrangements. Unfortunately mum, me and David cannot go because we have to maintain the business and I still have school to go.

The Masters program is hard and fast paced. I wont be taking time off, which in the end I guess it is okay. Keeps the mind busy. Because I wasn't to close to my grandfather I'm not feeling anything really. He had lung cancer and kept smoking and was slowly losing his mind. Supposedly he kept waking everyone in the house every few hours, not remember that he did it just a few hours before. They put him in a hospice recently, 3 days later he died.

I'm not sure he ever remembered me by the time he died. He mind was going. He sometimes thought dad was a teenager and was asking him how school was going. And sometimes he thought I was just a little girl. On our last phone conversation I would have to remind him that I was in university, which he would enthusiastically congratulate me about even though I already graduated twice with previous degrees. I don't know if he knew I got married. Not sure if grandma told him or if he would remember such information. It sucks, but I'm sure he was in a lot of pain from the cancer so hopefully he is at peace now. He was in his 70s I think. Unlike Monty who I believe left us too soon.

The closest I got to Monty was seeing him at the RWBY panel in RTX in 2014. He seemed dedicated and in love with his work. I hope you have many adventures in another world, in another life.

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