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22 year-old female from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Christian. Bilingual. Future zoologist. Chocoholic. Gamer. Multi-fandom member. Musician. Cats. Dinosaurs.
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Hello againSo it's been a while since I posted a journal. Update on life: I've finished my first semester of college. I only had two exams, and I failed math spectacularly. I also didn't get a high enough mark in bio to get into my program (after all this upgrading that is) so I have to take both classes again. I don't really mind retaking bio. The teacher is amazing, and I love bio. Math on the other hand...
In grade 10 I was diagnosed with a learning disability. At the time I was put into a program for students like myself and we had one on one help with the subjects we had trouble with. It was great. I got daily help with all of my math work, and as a result I did really well in my classes. Part of these accommodations was double the amount of time on math, chemistry, and physics exams, even finals. Also very helpful, as it takes me quite a bit longer to get through math questions than most people.
Fast forward to college. I still get double time on my exams, but I don't get help with my homework and such. Tutors are fine and all, but when I'm placed with a tutor who isn't trained/educated in helping students with disabilities the tutor just gets frustrated with me because they don't understand why I don't understand this grade 10 level math.
There are, of course, a number of factors that contribute to my irritating inability to comprehend basic math. One of them is the severity of my learning disorder. Another is that I was in French immersion from kindergarten to grade 11. I learned math and science in French. Terms are different, and often times we actually did some things in a different order (backwards, almost). Mix this in with someone who quickly begins to realize that I am, in fact, pretending to understand so that they don't yell at me because I don't understand, and you've got a mess.
I'm going to try to go see the student services head person tomorrow to see what can be done. A normal tutor won't ...
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