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22 year-old female from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Christian. Bilingual. Future zoologist. Chocoholic. Gamer. Multi-fandom member. Musician. Cats. Dinosaurs.
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Reading week bluesReading week is over. I was really enjoying the break from classes, and especially enjoying having my boyfriend home all week. I didn't get to see him as much as I wanted to, as I still had youth events and had to go to the gym a few times, but I wish he could have stayed longer. I can't wait to finish all my upgrading at the local college so that I can go up to Edmonton and live with him.
Anyway, despite having no school this week it was still pretty busy. February is birthday month in my family. My cousin and me are both on the sixth, another cousin on the eighth, my sister's on the thirteenth, my mom's on the sixteenth, and my grandma's on the twenty sixth. So on Monday we had a big family dinner (though I spent a lot of it playing Guild Wars 2- I FINISHED THE EPISODE AND I ALMOST CRIED). Tuesday, as always, was a gym day. Wednesday I had youth, as usual. Thursday was going to be a gym day, but I went and did archery with Andrew and his cousins instead. I've really missed archery. I wish I lived on a property big enough that I could do it at home. Friday was an adventure and a half. We had a sleepover at the church for the youth. It was a lot of fun! We took them skating, came back and watched Big Hero 6, and then played sardines for a good hour and a half. I had the best hiding spot by far. There's a baptismal font hidden under a large trap door in the stage in the sanctuary, and I had one of the other leaders help me pry it open so I could hide there. Only two of the youth managed to find me, though a bunch of them figured out where I was (they just couldn't get in).
The only thing that really sucked this week (apart from not seeing my boyfriend enough) was yesterday. I didn't sleep well at the sleepover. We got everyone settled down around 1 a.m. but all the girls were sleeping in the sanctuary, which meant that I was sleeping on the floor. I tried to find a sleeping mat to take with me before I left the house, but ...
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