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26 year-old male from Austin, TX
Born and raised in the city of sin, now living in Austin TX working for Achievement Hunter! Most of my life has been dedicated to video games and audio/video equipment. Veteran game reviewer, Let's Player, and the original pale gangsta.
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Kdin Cast & Crew
Monty, RIPOur interactions weren't plentiful, but the ones we had were memorable for me.

I admired your work ethic as much as I admired your work. Never stopping for a moment, always showing your resolve and dedication, it was an inspiration to everyone, both co-workers and fans alike.

In the first few weeks I started working at Rooster Teeth, it was like walking among giants. However, every morning I walked into work in the early morning back at 636, I always heard Monty's music blasting loudly throughout the building and saw him working. The music made it feel less like "just another office" and more like home, it somehow brought comfort.

It was often that he would be the first person I'd greet upon getting into work. Oddly enough, when we moved to the new office, not hearing his music throughout the building and the usual morning greeting was something I found myself missing the most.

It leaves me a bit hollow feeling that I didn't interact with him more, though I'll always remember the day he randomly dropped by my desk back at 636 with Sheena and we talked about Batman. To be honest, I was a bit star struck talking to him at that time, even though I had been working there for months already, so I couldn't find my words. But the fact that there was a moment that I spoke with Monty that he listened to my words and found them to be interesting and important, it was one of the interactions that made Rooster Teeth feel more like family to me.

I don't have the long stories of friendship that others do, and sadly I didn't have the pleasure of working with him personally, a regret I will still carry.

But I saw his resolve, his work ethic, and the effect he had on those around him turn into wonderful works of art on the screen and the happiness and joy it brought to so many people.

I did and always will admire Monty Oum.
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