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26 year-old male from Austin, TX
Born and raised in the city of sin, now living in Austin TX working for Achievement Hunter! Most of my life has been dedicated to video games and audio/video equipment. Veteran game reviewer, Let's Player, and the original pale gangsta.
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Countdown - Top 10 Cheats In Video Games10. Call of Duty Black Ops - Zork and Dead Ops Arcade

There are very few cheats in games that unlock entire other games within them. So to have two games inside of another game? That's pretty amazing. Considering Zork is one of the best text-adventure games of the past and Dead Ops Arcade is mindless fun and they both take seconds to unlock with the cheats, they both deserved to be on the list.

9. NBA Jam - "Bonus Characters"

This one goes way back. Almost every version of NBA Jam has loads of unlockable characters ranging from political figures to gag characters and mascots. Playing VS modes against friends and using multiple wacky characters was always a blast and still is. Bonus Characters are easily one of the most common cheat unlocks, but NBA Jam has kept it alive longer than anyone else. So they get the credit, but there's loads of other series that use this type of cheat too!

8. Zelda - Early Second Quest

Okay, this one may go over the heads of some of you kids out there. But back in the day being able to unlock an entire SECOND QUEST in Zelda from the start? Totally amazing. It blew our minds back then. Essentially reworking the game to be a "hard mode" and different enough from the main game that it warranted another playthrough with it's own strategies. ZELDA needed to be here.

7. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - Fight Tyson Early

If you were one of those kids that just could't get past Mr. Sandman, getting Tyson was just a myth. But with the skip to Tyson cheat you could see the legend in action...and get your ass knocked out in 3 seconds flat because you weren't prepared for him. Still, level skip cheats were always an amazing thing to have. Punch-Out!! having one of the most famous ones of all time, so it gets the credit.

6. Sonic 2 - Debug Mode

Debug modes were somewhat common in the older days, but didn't allow for much. Sonic 2's Debug Mode allowed you to do pretty much whatever you want. Not to mention you had to use a CODE to get the level select and then a code IN the level select to get to Debug Mode made it that much cooler once you unlocked it.

5. GTA Series - Flying Tank

This was from the PS2 era of GTA games. But the cheat works best on PCs. In these games you really didn't have the ability to fly like you do in the newer GTA's, so with some creative use of cheat combos in these games you could fly a TANK with no Cargobob needed! Eat it Grand Heist! That said, there's nothing more awesome than flying a tank around...it's like a beautiful butterfly, floating in the breeze...with explosions, glorious glorious explosions. Way to cool and satisfying to not be on the list.

4. Metroid - JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------

The spaces are important, kids. Without them, the code wont work! This one again is a classic. Not only do you get to see Samus without the suit the whole game, revealing she's a woman the whole time and spoiling the end-game secret...BUT you also get almost every upgrade in the game from the start. Essentially the quintessential "Unlock Everything" code and easily the most famous. So, in the case of "Unlock All", Samus wins out and gets the credit. NOTE: There is no Justin Bailey, the fact that the code works and spells a name is coincidental, other cheats do the same thing in Metroid, but Justin Bailey just happened to be discovered early and spread like wildfire!

3. Mortal Kombat - Blood Mode

So Ray was wrong, there's no blood in Mortal Kombat. At least not the older ones. You had to go to an arcade back in the day to get the glorious gore you wanted! Home consoles didn't get blood at all...except with a cheat, and ONLY on the Genesis. With some clever button presses you could just unlock blood OR go into the cheat menu and mess with a few more things. In the case of "getting away with something we shouldn't have", Mortal Kombat's Blood Mode wins out and earns it's spot on the list.

2. Valve Games - SV_Cheats

Developer console cheats open up the world to players, and Valve delivers it better than anyone else. From No-Clip to God Mode, Valve never disappoints with it's easily accessible dev console codes. If you've played any Valve games on the PC, you've used these codes just to see how much chaos you could cause, admit it. So, in the case of "I WANT IT ALL, AND I WANT IT NOW" Valve delivers better than the rest in this case.

1. The Konami Code

It's everywhere. It unlocks anything. It's the skeleton key of cheats. None more famous and none as universal. Often used in Konami games but so far reaching that it has been included in games from MANY other developers and is still used to this very day. Often referred to as the Contra Code, it actually originated from Gradius. The Konami code has been used in over 200+ different video games and the list constantly grows! With that fact known, that is why The Konami Code is, has, and always will be...The Cheat To End All Cheats!

-Honorable Mentions-

X. "Get Money" - The Sims/GTA/And Many Others
Used by many game series, The Sims and GTA being the most notable of them. Widely used by players, but not exactly exciting. Still a great cheat!

X. "God Mode" - Most Notable in "DOOM" but from loads of others.
I included SV_Cheats which has God Mode as one of it's many options. But still, a little shoutout to God Mode for helping everyone out there at least once in their life.

X. Mario Warp Zones/Warp Whistle/Continue Cheat
Skipping levels was already included, and "being able to continue where you left off" isn't much of a cheat anymore. Back in the day? Continuing was a gift.

X. Saints Row Series (Specifically 2 & 3)
Just...all the cheats. Look at it's cheat list when you have a chance, it's bananas.

X. RTS Games
Star Craft, Age of Empires, etc. They had loads of cheats, some stupid, some great. But it would take an eternity to list them all.
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