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So I guess it has been a while since I gave this site a proper update. Here is a bulleted list of things that have happened in the last 8 months.

- We went on a small brewery tour for Valentine's day.

Some friends of ours, who are also a couple, invited us to go on a brewery tour for Valentine's day. We went to Thirsty Planet and Jester King which are too local breweries (Microbreweries?) in South Austin. If you love good beer and are living in or ever visit Austin, I definitely recommend checking out Jester King. They have this great outdoor area to hang out and a Pizza restaurant (Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza I believe) on the same property. It was a lot of fun and Jester King makes my favorite beer ever, Atrial Rubicite.

- Ronnie was let go from his job for the web development company in March

We believe the cause was mostly political but the whole thing happened very quickly and unprofessionally. Ronnie just got a call one night that it wasn’t “working out.” That was pretty much it.

- Ronnie was invited back to the game studio he was working at previously.

This happened less than 24 hours after being let go and was a really lucky break for us considering we only had a little over a month left before the wedding. They hired him back officially about 3 weeks later.

- We had a wedding!

Everything went as smoothly as it could have though I regret not getting more pictures of Ronnie and I being cute. After the reception all of our friends stayed and camped with us that night. It was a ton of fun and everyone thought it was a really fun way to celebrate.

- We had a honeymoon!

For our honeymoon we went to stay at a condo in Dillon, Colorado for a week. After 12 months of planning a wedding, I was super ready have a week to just relax. We went hiking, played board games, watched movies, and did as little as possible for a few days. We also went to the History and Science Museum in Denver and spent a night in Estes Park at the Stanley Hotel which is where Stephen King got his idea to write the Shining. And we watched The Shining.

- We went to A-Kon

This was our 5th year at A-Kon. Because of the wedding we weren’t able to put time and effort in our cosplay so we went as Saki and Takizawa from Eden of the East. Almost no one could tell we were in costume. It was a lot of fun of course and passed by too quickly

- We Volunteered at San Japan

One of our friends is a volunteer head for San Japan and asked us to help him out this year in Hotel Ops. It wasn’t as much work as I thought it would be. Mostly we sat watching anime and running errands here and there. It was extremely cold in the room we were in though. For some reason the hotel was not able to turn the air in the room off so it stayed around 67 all weekend.

- We bought weekend passes for PAX South.

I've always wanted to go to one and since PAX South is in San Antonio (in the same convention center San Japan is in) It seemed like a perfect time to go. Ronnie and I are excited. If you are going to be there, send me a message!

And those are really all the major events. We are still busy almost every weekend doing this and that. Trying to catch up on chores or visiting this person or that person. I’m starting to feel pretty worn out. So, I hope this weekend will be relaxing.
How Have you guys been?
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