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27 year-old female from Olympia, WA
Kendra-Non-moral Vegetarian, photographer, nerd, philosopher, bisexual, highly intelligent, sexy.
turn-ons: hot guys who work at gamestop, virgins, cantaloupe, good books, blowing the heads off of ganados, short girls with pretty smiles
turn-offs: people with more sexual experience than me, stupid people, meat, abercrombie and fitch, pro wrestling, canned vegetables, religion, people who are offended by things.
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WHOAone year later.

and things are quite different! man, fuck this site, but yeah. i have a cold, or something. it sucks.
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Name kendra
Occupation Unemployed, BIATCH
Birthday July 10th, 1987
Interests Photography Life Drawing Reading Super Nintendo Pacman My cats Death Doom and Destruction Creating Chaos Painting my toenails Flossing Murder
Music Get back to me later. Chances are I like it. Not too picky about music.
Movies Repo Man Death and the Compass Edward Scissorhands Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail Speed Dr Strangelove oh um red vs blue is okay.
TV Shows The Daily Show