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24 year-old male from Elmhurst, IL
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Captain's Log 1Diablo 3's inferno difficulty is not going well for my demon hunter. Can easy mode run anything in act 1.

Can't beat belial at end of act 2. Used to be I die on the first phase 90% of the time, 10 % on second phase. Now it's 50% on first, 50% on second. Too bad I can't get to the last phase. Can't group up because everyone gets one hit and doesn't position well.

Siege beast in act 3 is easy to farm though, just doesn't/hasn't dropped any improvements for me :(

Tried rakanoth in a4 like last week with a group and saw he had like 20mil hp. It didn't go well.

Hopefully I'll get better gear and be able to kill belial soon

On the plus side, my hardcore barbarian is still alive and sitting at level 10.
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