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Journal, The ThirdHey everybody!
How we all doin'?
That's great. :)

It's me, back for my third journal entry that noone will read. :D
Continuing the gaming theme, I'm going to prattle on about the new RPG from Bethesda...

Now, I cannot stress enough how incredible this game is. I always saw Oblivion and thought the first-person sword fighting scheme was stupid, I thought it looked stupidly corny. But after all the hype in the build up to Skyrim, I felt compelled to buy it. And buy it I did. And from the moment the game started, I was in awe. Absolute awe. Everything about the game; the graphics, the size, the culture, the realism, the textures, the combat, the quests, the storyline. It is all immaculate! The genii at Bethesda have made an entire nation, with a history, a culture, a religion, everything that every society has, the we take for granted. And you don't realise how video games skip over it until you play Skyrim. I mean, the people wrote their own language, Draconic, a full charactered language. The sheer effort this would have taken, the time that would've been put into it. It's astronomical!

I've never really liked games like Runescape and World Of Warcraft. Don't get me wrong, they're good, solid, well-designed games. I just hate the human interaction, people always take the anonimity of having an avatar as an excuse to be an absolute dick, and it's really annoying. Now, to simplify Skyrim, think of World Of Warcraft, but all the people running around are NPCs. And of course Bethesda made it, so it has an amazing storyline, and the freedom to abandon that storyline and do whatever you wish. I went off to do a quest for the main storyline, got side tracked, and three days later I'm the head of the Thieves Guild. So I go back to the main questline to finish that, only to get kidnapped by The Dark Brotherhood. Next thing you know, three days have gone past and I'm the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. The game is simply immense, I've finished every major questline and still find myself going back, even if it's just to walk around, exploring, watching the beautiful landscape and killing dragons.

I would HIGHLY recommend it. I never thought the genre would really be to my liking, I had second thoughts while the game was booting up. But once you start, you never look back. It is immaculately designed, everything in the landscape has been perfected. I look forward to the first DLC they release, I want to see if they expand the world, the story, whatever they add, I'm sure it will make the game evermore amazing.

Now, being a musically based individual, I adore the theme song for the game, Sons Of Skyrim. It's one of those rousing Scandiniavian choruses, with a hundred men singing in an epic choir. It comes on whenever you fight a dragon, and just compliments the situation perfectly. You're battling a beast capable of destroying armies, and this rousing song resounds in the background, it's an incredible sensation. Another aspect of this song that I love is that they wrote it in Draconic, the language that they wrote for the games. Draconic is the language dragon's speak by the way, the people speak English. It's an amazing song, for an INCREDIBLE game.

Anywho, I've had my rant.
Til next time.
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