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Kikyobutt Stachetastic
Male from HOT AS HELL, Texas
I'm a 20 year old dude and I accept ALL random friend requests
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Kikyobutt Stachetastic
WHO WANTS A TRANSFORMING CRESCENT ROSE??!!!?!?Are you missing something in your life? Do you need a sniper rifle that turns INTO A SCYTHE?

THIS GUY IS SELLING ONE!! You may have seen him walking around RTX this year with it.

It folds, it shoots (nerf rounds), and it's convention safe. Plus, you get to be "The guy/girl with the folding Crescent Rose!"

If you're interested or know someone who's interested, click here for more info. Please spread this around because he needs money for college, and who DOESN'T want a Crescent Rose that transforms?
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