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28 year-old male from Charlottesville, VA,
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Stupid peopleYou ever wonder why stupid people do stupid things? I'm an EMS(Emergency medical services) worker so I see a lot of just really stupid stuff. I get to the scene look at what has happened and say, "What the heck was that idiot thinking?" Such as, I was called out for a fall from a roof. Get there and they guy had drunk a six pack of beer while power washing his two story house. The roof had over a 45 degree slant. He lost his balance fell tow stories and landed on their AC. The guy is cursing like all get out and I can only think. Why where you drinking while standing on a two story house power washing your roof. I power wash my car and I'll be on level ground and some times get off balance. And I'm not drunk!!
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Name Justin
Occupation Emergency Medical Worker, EMT.
Birthday August 13th, 1986
Interests Books games movies guns shiny objects pointy objects moving objects shiny moving objects on fire. The usual redneck things fishing lures beer cans redbone hounds squirl dogs bird dogs(actually have one) rabbit dogs hunting dogs(got one) Ford trucks guns(got one) deer heads and women(working on getting one).
Music Classical country bluegrass light rock yeah I got a wide taste in music.
TV Shows NCIS The Unit only get local channels.
Books I like fantasy war future wars medevil but some of my favorite books would be Ice Station The Walking Drum Starfist series and a bounch of others.