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25 year-old female from The dark side of Candyland
Is funny, shy, can make u laugh, loves to draw, creative, is very tempermental if u annoy me/ piss me off, moods are unpredictable. ^^()
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six questionsAsk any six random questions you have. Anything that plauges your mind.. Or maybe you just wanna be random. Oh well.
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Name Cayla
Occupation Bookstore Clerk ^_^
Birthday April 7th, 1990
Interests Drawing writing anime playing my guitar & saxaphone reading riding my dirtbike. For those of you who are wondering its a honda xr80 walking through woods peace and quiet outdoors fishing cooking
Music Rock Some hip-hop Classical Jazz Rock and Roll Heavy Metal Metal Acustic Alternitive (If you haven't cought on yet it's about everything but rap......)
Movies Tristian & Isolde Inuyasha movies 1 2 3 Cry Wolf The Exorsist Rent Pirates 1 2 3 Queen of the Damned I Am Legend Phantom of the Opera Sweeny Todd 300
TV Shows Fruits Basket Inuyasha Trigun Wolves Rain American Idol Digrassi Mind of Mecia Fuse
Books The Last Promice The Trickster's Choice The Trickster's Queen Just Ella The Black Jewel's Trilogy Twilight A Wrinkle in Time Crispin