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29 year-old male from New Mexico, USA
Yeah, that's right, I'm the original Kiyo.
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Three Years...I did some growing up, went to college, took accounting, hated it, and now I love Auto Mechancs, and will start taking classes to become a certifed GSE Mechanic. I havent touched my airsoft stuff in nearly two years, and I work for the United Parcel Service, which I pride myself on. I still prefer PC Games, I still love to piss people off, and I can't believe I still like the same shit I used to when I was here three years ago. I finished my novel, I wrote some more unfinished works, and I have become very profiscent at killing small game, and pests with my .22. I own 13 weapons, and two trucks. My life goal now is to own my dream car: A 1968 Dodge Coronet, but if I can't find that, I guess it's have to be a 2001 SVT Lightning. My grandfather died recently, so I guess I'm going through a low spell, seeing as how he was my adoptive father, mentor, and role model. He will allways be in my thoughts, every day.

But back on to the positives again:
My brother and I became hardcore Audiophiles, and we have our own movie room in our house, powered by 3000 watts RMS power, over speakers we built with our own two hands!! (Fiberboard provided by the Home Depot, ahem ahem...).

I guess thats all I can think of for now.
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Name Reggie
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